Inverter Grade

Inverter Grade

We offer a huge selection of Inverter Grade (Fast Switching) Thyristors with Tq Switching speeds up to 10 usec. Inverter Grade Stud Mount SCR packages from 85-330 amps; Inverter Grade Hockey Puk SCR packages from 330-720 amps and Inverter Grade SCR Module packages from 400-750 amps. Don't see the thyristor you need? Give us a call - we can help.

  • Current: 110A to1200A
  • Voltage: 200V to 2100V
  • Compressed Stud
  • Hockey Puk

Hockey Puks

Call for a large in-stock selection of inverter grade thyristor puks (SCR puks). We also provide a number of specialized services tailored to help today's OEM's compete effectively in their industries, such as:

  • Electrical Testing
  • Forward Voltage Drop Matching
  • Leakage Testing
  • Custom Parts Marking
  • Lead and Terminal Modifications
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Delivery
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Inverter Grade Thyristors Studs

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