Technical Library

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  • DT 95-6A

    Parallel Operation of IGBTs

  • DT 94-14

    Isolated SCR Gate Drive Circuit

  • DT 94-11

    3-Phase Bridge Drive with Overcurrent Protection (IR2130)

  • DT 94-5A

    Power Transistor in AC Switch Applications

  • DT 94-4

    Trade-Off Considerations Between Efficiency and Short Circuit Capability in IGBTs

  • DT 94-2

    Choosing Between Multiple Discrete and High Current Modules

  • DT 93-4

    Current Capability of TO-220 Package

  • DT 93-3

    500V IGBT's Replacing Mosfets

  • DT 93-1

    Testing High Power SCRs and Diodes

  • DT 08-1

    Transformer Circuit Conversion Calculations

  • AN-96048

    Mounting Instruction for MTC modules

  • AN-95690

    How to Design an Rg Resistor for a Vishay Trench PT IGBT

  • AN-95643

    Mounting Instructions for MTK Modules

  • AN-95605

    Mounting Instructions for DO-8, DO-9, B-8, DO-30 stud devices

  • AN-95601

    Mounting Instructions for TO-244 Modules

  • AN-95594

    Mounting Instruction for ECONO2 modules

  • AN-95580

    Mounting Instructions for EMIPAK-1B and EMIPAK-2B Series Modules

  • AN-95557

    Mounting Instructions for MAGN-A-PAK, Super MAGN-A-PAK and MAP Block

  • AN-95553

    Mounting Instructions for Double INT-A-PAK Modules

  • AN-95386

    Mounting Instructions for low profile Dual INTA-PAK Modules

  • AN-95043

    Mounting Instruction for Gen VII ADD-A-PAK

  • AN-88868

    Rectifiers for Power Factor Correction

  • AN-88867

    Fundamentals of Rectifiers

  • AN-84064


  • AN-1061

    Die Application Note

  • AN-1060

    Handling Die

  • AN-1012

    Mounting Instructions for SOT-227 Module

  • AN-1010

    PowerTab Mounting

  • AN-990

    Application Characterization of IGBT's

  • AN-984

    Protecting IGBT Against Short Circuit

  • AN-983A

    IGBT Characteristics

  • AN-980


  • AN-941

    Parelleling Power Mosfets

  • AN-0801

    MTP Mounting Instructions

  • AN-312

    SCR Selection Guide for DC Motor Drives

  • AN-309

    SCRs - Their Parameters, Specifications, Ratings, and Characteristics

  • AN-305

    Calculation of Rectangular Waveform Current Rating of Thyristors

  • AN-08-06

    SCR Application Notes

  • AN-08-5

    Power Loss Calculations

  • AN-08-4

    Power Die Application

  • AN-08-3C

    Mounting Instructions for C140 and C155A Bar Clamps

  • AN-08-3B

    Mounting Instructions for C089D and C102B Bar Clamps

  • AN-08-3A

    Mounting Instructions for C070D Bar Clamps

  • AN-08-3

    Clamping Instructions for Hockey Puk

  • AN-08-2

    Mounting Instructions Stud Package

  • AN-08-1


  • AN-02-8

    Design Guidelines for Schottky Rectifiers

  • AN-02-7

    Power Factor Correction using Fast Diodes

  • AN-01-1

    Why Ohmmeters cannot be used to determine semiconductor quality